Civic Plantings

We do plantings throughout the year for our town of Glastonbury. Here are the most recent projects that we have created:

Slocum Oak Tree Plantings

In 2017, the Glastonbury Council of Garden Clubs, in conjunction with the Federation Garden Clubs of CT, planted 5 oak trees in fulfillment of that year’s Federation Garden Club’s mission to “Growing together: Tiny Acorns to Mighty Oaks.”

Main Street Project

Over the years, several of the trees along the north end of Glastonbury’s Main Street had died or were in poor health.

During the Spring of 2017, Carole Fromer, the club’s Conservation and Horticulture co-chair, contacted Glastonbury’s Beautification Committee, and a representative of the town’s Park and Recreation Department, to determine how to improve the appearance of the area. She found that Glastonbury Partners In Planting (GPIP) was willing to donate nine large trees for the project, but there was no money to dig them up or to have them planted.

Carole spearheaded an effort to raise nearly $3200 from local businesses, community organizations, and garden clubs to fund the rejuvenation of the area. The money raised paid for digging the trees, and for having them planted by General Landscaping in the fall.

In the future, the town will care for the trees, and the beauty of Glastonbury’s main corridor will be improved.

Community Center Landscaping Project

Landscaping Project

Glastonbury’s Riverfront Community Center was built in the early 2000’s. By 2018 the original
landscaping in front of the building was overgrown and appeared unhealthy. Working with
Glastonbury’s Parks and Recreation Department Country Gardeners funded the renovation of these
plantings on both sides of the front entry. Some original shrubs were replaced with similar but more
compact varieties that would remain medium in size thus not covering the windows. Spring flowering
bulbs and different plant material were also added. The landscaping will continue to be maintained by
the town. A sign recognizing Country Gardener’s funding of the renovated landscaping has been placed
beside the community center’s front entry.